Recorded on 10/05/23 @Auditorium Pollini, Padua
Heartfelt thanks to Alessandro Cozza, Pietro Squarzon, Alberto Radossi, Enrico Turetta, Mattia Pizzato

Linda's Horns

For variable number of interpreters (minimum 5) with variable number of SmartDevices, 2022

The piece stems from the reading of "African polyphony and polyrhythm" by Simha Arom; in this text the ethnomusicologist analyzes and transcribes examples of folk music from a tribe in the Central Africa Republic. The main characteristic of this music is that it is played by horns that can emit only one note (or at most 2), and thus the melodic articulation is built across several parts. The study of this type of music produced this piece, which is a free reinterpretation of traditional music performed with instruments far removed from the tradition.

Each performer accesses a different page from his smartphone, presses the blue bottom, and scans according to the relative rhythm score, covering and uncovering the speaker of the phone depending on when indicated.

Score on request

Tuwùle in G5

Tuwùle in E5

Tuwùle in D5

Tuwùle in C5

Tuwùle in A4

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