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Music For Browsers

Music for Browser is a collective performance idea derived from the experience of "Teaching Process" and "Coubanao Process", treated in detail also on Sovrapposizioni - Improvvisazione è Utopia(?). A collection of studies whose founding idea starts from the theory that a completely free improvisation is achievable through the elimination of the classic stylistic elements and the conventions that contribute to defining the language of improvisation itself. By replacing and simplifying them as much as possible they should lead to a framework of improvisation unrelated to the classical constrictions of languages developed over the centuries of musical practice

Each study is not made up only of the part reproducible from the smartphone but also of an improvisational practice, explained on site, with a fast learning curve, useful for defining the details of the improvisation / language. Each performer is encouraged to develop their improvisational practice independently, using the body and any other resources to interact with the instrument.
All the listeners are the interpreters. The interpreters are invited to follow the general indications of a director, the recording of the collective improvvisation is the performance. The number of participants is chosen by the interpreters and depends on the situation, more than fifteen recommended.

The project is based on WebPD, a JavaScript Pure Data runtime using Web Audio API to play audio in the browser.

The project is still in an embryonic phase, updates soon...

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