Zenevia sommersa dalle acque

Live recording, editing e mastering, 2020
Produced by V-A-C Zattere during the workshop programme of DK ‘Zattere’ 2019–2020

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Zenevia is a detective story set in an eerie parallel Venice. This interrogation-style audioplay plays with the more traditional narrative by bouncing between two worlds and timelines, with flashbacks and commentary on current Venice issues. The script and sound design were created by five participants of a dedicated workshop led by the writer and professor Alessandro Cinquegrani and composer Daniela Fantechi. Zenevia connects to the overall theme of the DK ‘Zattere’ 2019–20 programme, exploring the sensations, states, new worlds and perspectives brought on by floods.

This content is in Italian.

@ Francesca Seravalle

Voices: Ginevra - Francesca Seravalle
Poliziotto - Roberto Di Robilant
Gondoliere - Alessandro Gambato
Olmo - g. olmo stuppia
Fosca - Valentina Confuorto
with Giulia Morucchio
Text: Roberto Di Robilant, Valentina Confuorto, Alessandro Gambato, Francesca Seravalle, g. olmo stuppia
Text supervision: Alessandro Cinquegrani
Music & sound supervision: Daniela Fantechi
Recording, editing and mastering: Alessandro Gambato
Production: Giulia Morucchio, Polina Filimonova
Curator: Nikita Rasskazov

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