Exposed @ Ventunesimo, "through the window", Via Feletto 38, Turin

Executed @ Pase Platform, 12/05/21, Venice, for SaMPL, Living Lab Music 8.


A/v multichannel Installation/performance
machine learning, live electronics, 2021

w/ Federico Poni

We have intend the disintegration in a literal way: the speech, treated algorithmically, is progressively deprived of the conventional meaning attributed to words and phonemes. To achieve full autonomy of the sound material itself. In fact, the generation takes place by altering live various parameters of the algorithms. Through a free improvisation we try to explore the destructive/demiurgic possibilities in relation to sound language/autonomous sound. The images generate feedback to the sound breakdown, segmenting the former Premier's face through machine learning.

The new images behave like a visual mantra, echoing the deprivation: even the name of Conte is canceled, it splits creating a tuple with a new meaning. Con/te (italian for With / you), but with the announcement of the lockdown the title lies ...


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