Teaching Process

For 6 percussion using amplified materials, 2018

"Teaching Process" is the result of a workshop, made also with frontal lessons, aimed to sensitizing the participants to a certain musical aesthetic, and to a certain method of composition, which will then used during the performance. It will create some kind of familiarity with the aforementioned aesthetics that the performers, previously completely unrelated to the improvisational practice, will pour into the execution. "Teaching Process" is a piece in which the dimension of time and form are left to the performers, the duration should be included within ten minutes but this aspect is left to the director. The organic of the piece consists of 6 piezoelectric microphones placed freely by the performers on objects of their choice (nothing can be excluded). Performers improvise freely by clarifying the structure of time through percussion (or other interaction) on amplified objects, this improvisation is the performance. The recorded material can be treated without altering the temporal dimension marked by the interpreters. The recorded material will be the only objective result of the process.

Objets Sonores/Sons d'Objets, workshop info here

Performed by Naba’s Students, @ NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, on 27/11/2018

Performed by the workshop participants at Szene Zeigen - Festival für Darstellende Künste, Laucha, on 10/08/2019


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